Patient Participation Group

We have an active Patient Participation Group

The group meets six times a year to talk about health issues of local concern or interest. Discussions at meetings could focus around issues such as the GP practice; health service required; or planned changes to local services and patient’s views of them.

Carlton Group Practice Participation Group gives GPs, staff, community health care staff on one hand, and patients registered with Carlton Street GP Practice on the other, a focal point for directly influencing the planning and development of health care services from the Practice.

The PPG conducts both patient and staff surveys, reviewing the results and where appropriate providing advice and recommendations in the setting up of an action plan with agreed priorities.

Other tasks may include some of the following: reviewing of some practice policies, such as the ‘Did Not Attend (DNA) Policy’ and organising health education events.

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What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

A Patient Participation Group is a group of people coming together on a regular basis to look at how they can positively influence the development of local health services from theirs, and the wider community’s, perspective. They have the health interest of local residents at heart, as well as the progression and growth of the Practice as a whole.

The value of PPG’s is being realised; they are beginning to make a real and positive impact within their GP Practices, supporting their Practice to improve on services from the patient’s perspective. Continuing to ‘grow’ PPG’s takes time and commitment from both patients and GP Practice staff, requiring an open-minded approach in order to build and improve on services.

Patient Participation Group Members (Who are We?)

Who are we?

The current members of the Carlton Street Surgery PPG are:

  • L.Topliss Patient Chair
  • I.Jarvis Patient Vice Chair
  • P.Thorpe Secretary & patient
  • Lisa Beard Operations Manager
  • Sabrina Mahil Data Quality Officer
  • Emma Ball Care Coordinator
  • GPs are invited to attend the meetings

Members of the group can be contacted using our PPG Contact form.

The National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP) is the establishment of Patient’ Participation Groups. You can find out more about its work and about Patients Participation Groups on the NAPP website

How Do I Apply to Join?

If you would like to join our Patient Participation Group or our main Patient Participation Group please contact our Practice Manageron 01283 511387.

If you prefer, you can also download a Patient Participation Group joining form (pdf). When completed please hand it into reception.