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Be Self Care Aware

Be Self Care Aware - Getting the right medicines

Be Self Care Aware - Getting the right medicines

This year the NHS will cost around £124 billion, of which £14 billion (thats £38 million every day), will be spent of medicines.

With the age of the population increasing rapidly, the demand for medicines, and on the NHS as a whole, is growing dramatically. Everyone is trying to be more efficient these days, and medicines are one of the ays that the NHS can reduces costs whilst improving care. To make sure that you're getting the best possible care the NHS aims to give you the right medicine. There are often several medicines to take for a condition, that have the same benefits, but with very different costs. By prescribing the right medicines for less, the NHS will have more money to invest in better care for everyone (such as the latest cancer treatments).

What does this mean for me?

Your GP practice may suggest that you change your prescribed medicine to another one.

You might also be asked to buy come common medicines, available over-the-counter from your local pharmacist or a shop, rather than getting them on prescription (These are often likely to be much cheaper than the cost of a prescription).

Why not set up your own home medicine cabinet so that you have things to hand when you need them.

To start putting together your own home medicine cabinet, go to:

or speak to a pharmacist at your local pharmacist.