Allocated a Named Accountable GP

As part of our GP contract all of our patients have been allocated a named accountable GP.

Your named GP will have overall responsibility for the care and support that our surgery provides to you. They will also work with other relevant health and care professionals, who are involved in your care, to ensure that your care meets your individual needs.

You do not need to see your named GP for every appointment at the surgery. You are able to see any doctor and this will not affect the care that you are given.

If you would like to know who your named GP is, please ask at the reception desk next time you visit the surgery.

7.7B. Accountable GP

7.7B.1. A Contractor must ensure that for each of its registered patients (including those patients under the age of 16) there is assigned an accountable GP.

7.7B.2. The accountable GP must take lead responsibility for ensuring that any services which the Contractor is required to provide under the Contract are, to the extent that their provision is considered necessary to meet the needs of the patient, coordinated and delivered to the patient.

7.7B.3. The Contractor must: (a) inform the patient, as soon as is reasonably practicable and in such manner as is considered appropriate by the Contractor’s practice, of the assignment to the patient of an accountable GP and must state the name and contact details of the accountable 26 Information about the Electronic Frailty Index is available in guidance published by the Board entitled “Supporting Routine Frailty Identification through the GP Contract 2017/18”.

This guidance is available at: https// or from

NHS England,

PO Box 16738,


B97 7PT.

27 Guidance about enriching a patient’s Summary Care Record with additional information published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre is available at: patientconsent.pdf or from

NHS Digital,

4 Trevelyan Square,

Boar Lane,


LS1 6AA.

38 GP and the role and responsibilities of the accountable GP in respect of the patient;

  • (b) inform the patient as soon as any circumstances arise in which the accountable GP is not able, for any significant period, to carry out the duties of an accountable GP in respect of the patient; and
  • (c) where the Contractor’s practice considers it to be necessary, assign a replacement accountable GP to the patient and inform the patient accordingly.

7.7B.4. The Contractor must comply with the requirement in clause 7.7B.3 in the case of any person who is accepted by the Contractor as a registered patient on or after the date the Regulations came into force within 21 days from the date on which that patient is so accepted.

7.7B.5. The requirement in this clause 7.7B does not apply to:

(a) any patient of the Contractor who is aged 75 or over, or who attains the age of 75, on or after the date the Regulations came into force; or (b) any other patient of the Contractor if the Contractor has been informed that the patient does not wish to have an accountable GP.

7.7B.6. Where, under clause 7.7B.3(a), the Contractor informs a patient of the assignment to the patient of an accountable GP, the patient may express a preference as to which general medical practitioner within the Contractor’s practice the patient would like to have as the patient’s accountable GP and, where such a preference has been expressed, the Contractor must make reasonable efforts to accommodate the request.

7.7B.7. Where, under clause 7.7B.5(b), the Contractor has been informed by, or in relation to, a patient that the patient does not wish to have an accountable GP, the Contractor must record that fact in the patient’s record that the Contractor is required to keep under clause 16.1.

7.7B.8. The Contractor must include information about the requirement to assign an accountable GP to each of its new and existing registered patients: (a) on the Contractor’s practice website or online practice profile; and (b) in the Contractor’s practice leaflet.

  • 16.5ZD Patient online services: provision of an online consultation tool
  • 16.5ZD.1 A Contractor must offer and promote an online consultation tool to its registered patients.
  • 16.5ZD.2 An “online consultation tool” is an online facility provided using

appropriate software:

(a) through which:

(i) a patient; or

(ii) where the patient is a person to whom clause 16.5ZD.4

applies, an appropriate person acting on behalf of the


may, in writing in electronic form, seek advice or information

related to the patient’s health or make a clinical or administrative

request; but

(b) which does not require the response to be given by the

Contractor in real time.

16.5ZD.3 An online consultation tool may incorporate:

(a) any of the facilities which the Contractor is required to offer under

clauses 16 to 16.5ZC; or

(b) the communication method which the Contractor is required to

offer under clause 16.5ZE.