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Other Ways to Book or Cancel an Appointment

  1. By Telephone:
    Carlton Street Surgery 01283 563561 / 511387, King Street Surgery 01283 741177 during our opening hours.
  2. In Person: Visit reception during opening hours.
  3. If you need to cancel an appointment you can now cancel via text message. Please send a text message to 07444712608 with your Name, Date of birth along with the date and time of the appointment you wish to cancel (please note this number can only be used for cancellation texts only).

Remember if you can’t make it – PLEASE cancel your appointment.

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General Information

General Appointments;

We have a variety of routine appointments that can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance.

We also 'release' routine appointments each morning at 8am. Please note that these appointments are with the doctors available on the day and not necessarily with the doctor of your choice.

Appointments are usually for 10 minutes and for one person only. It you feel you need more time than this, please ask for a double appointment.

Extended Access;

Following a National Government initiative from 1st September 2018 extra appointments will be offered across the whole of East Staffordshire, including evening and weekend appointments.

Additionally a new online digital service will be available on Sunday mornings where appointments will be offered with a GP via the Q Doctor App. Posters will be available in the surgery shortly; please click on this link for further details

All practices across East Staffordshire are participating in this extended access. For further information please contact the surgery reception

Nurse appointments

Nurse appointments are pre-bookable up to 6 weeks in advance. The nurses also run the disease management clinics i.e. heart disease, diabetes, stroke and hypertension.

Online Appointments - Additional Information

We currently only have GP appointments available for online booking. If you require an appointment with another healthcare professional please telephone the surgery.

Telephone Call-Backs Booked Online

Please note that the time stated on the appointment slot will NOT be the time of the telephone call. The doctor may contact you at any time during the day for your routine problem.

Same Day Routine Telephone Ring Backs

We offer same day and routine telephone ring back service for patients not necessarily requiring an appointment. Routine telephone calls can be booked with the doctor of your choice up to 2 weeks ahead.  For urgent problems please telephone the surgery before 12.00 noon and a urgent same day ring back will be offered.

Telephone calls made from the surgery will show as a 'withheld' or private number on a mobile telephone or telephones with caller display. If you do not normally answer these calls and miss the doctors calling you, you will need to re-book another slot.



SMS Text Message Reminders

We are now able to send appointment reminders and confirmations via SMS text message direct to your mobile phone. In order for use to do this we will need your signed consent. consent forms are available from reception.

If you have made an appointment we will then send you a confirmation message straight away. If you have booked in advance a reminder will then be sent to you the day before your appointment. We may also send you reminders of closures or when your annual review is due or any other special events that are being held at the surgery. 

Late Arrivals

If you are late for your appointment it will only be possible to see you in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the clinician. We have to insist on promptness for the sake of all patients concerned.

Although we try to run to time, sudden emergencies or patients requiring more time than allocated can cause us to run late. It you are delayed for these reasons your patience is requested. Remember: it could be you!


If you anticipate that you may require an examination by the Doctor and feel that you would like a chaperone to be present, please make reception aware at the time of booking your appointment so that this can be arranged. Alternatively bring along a member of your family or friend to your appointment.

Cancelling an Appointment

If you are unable to attend for your appointment we expect at least 24 hours notice, except in extreme cases, so that we are able to offer another patient the use of that appointment.

We have a STRICT policy for patients who regularly miss their appointments which may ultimately result in the removal of them/their family from the practice list.

If you cannot keep your appointment with the Doctor or Nurse, please let Reception know in good time:

  • By Phone:
    Carlton Street Surgery 01283 563561 / 511387, King Street Surgery 01283 741177
  • By Text Message:
    Text your name, and the appointment details you wish to cancel to 07444712608 and we will cancel your appointment (please note this can only be used to cancel appointments and any other messages or calls received will be ignored).
  • Online:
    If you booked your appointment online, you can cancel it using Systm-Online
  • Online Alternative Method:
    Cancel Online using this alternative method (no login required).

We can offer your appointment to someone else and therefore help to reduce waiting times.